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Go Skippy car insuranceGo Skippy has been providing insurance services and covers to clients for quite some time and they have built a flourishing reputation among their customers. One characteristic attribute that has improved Go Skippy’s image and brand as a reliable insurance company, is their exceptional customer services. Besides a simple navigable website that fully describes their services, Go Skippy offers various phone numbers to help clients speak directly to departmentalized-personnel for assistance. The main Go Skippy contact number is complimented by several other lines for all the insurance covers and other inquiries.

Go Skippy offer four main types of insurance covers; car, house, bike and van insurance. Each cover is treated as a separate department with different customer support personnel dedicated to answer questions related to any particular cover. For general inquiries about the insurance company and their services, you can use the following lines

  • General customer service – 0870 280 3313
  • Complaints – 0344 840 6302
  • Abroad calls – +44 344 840 6302

The general customer service number can be used if you are new to Go Skippy and need generic information that will help you understand the company and its offers. Complaints number can be used to file a complaint about the service or any issue. Those in countries outside the UK should use the contact provided for calls from abroad to speak to Go Skippy personnel. It is important to note that Go Skippy contact number provided for different services have different “open” hours and you can check them on http://www.visitalk.com/. You can visit http://www.goskippy.com/ or http://www.goskippy.com/contact/ to view the full contact channels available for Go Skippy customers.

Departmental contact numbers 0870 280 3313

As aforesaid, Go Skippy provides different contact numbers for each department including different lines for specific services offered by the department. While it is possible to get assistance through any contact number you call (since you will be redirected), it is advisable to use the specific contact details to save more time. Giving each department different contact numbers is aimed to improve service efficiency and also ensure customers are connected to the right personnel that can answer all their inquiries. Instead of having the same group handling all questions and inquiries, Go Skippy uses trained staff to handle only inquiries relevant to their area of expertise (like car insurance or house insurance). The contact numbers provided for each insurance department include the following;

Car Insurance contacts

If you have any question regarding car insurance covers, services, plans and policies or need to speak to Go Skippy personnel to clarify any issues with your car insurance cover, there are several numbers you can use as follows:

  • Sales (0344 840 6300) – This number is available for those who want to purchase car insurance or find out more details about what it is all about before buying the cover.
  • Customer Service (0344 840 6302) – this is a general customer service number you can reach with inquiries about car insurance
  • Renewals (0344 840 6301) – this Go Skippy contact number is available for those who want to renew their car insurance or find out more information with regards to the same.
  • Claims (0344 840 9503) – if you need to file a claim or even complaint, use the claims contact number

Home Insurance contacts

Like Car insurance, home insurance is covered by dedicated phone lines that customers can use to make all inquiries about this service. The purpose and use of these contacts is not any different from that provided for car insurance. Te only difference is the contact numbers as follows;

  • Sales (0344 776 5306)
  • Customer Service (0344 776 5311)
  • Renewals (0344 776 5306)

Van Insurance contacts

Van insurance is also covered by dedicated contact numbers as follows;

  • Sales (0344 776 5309)
  • Customer Service (0344 776 5308)
  • Renewals (0344 776 5314)
  • Claims (0344 840 9504)

Bike Insurance contacts

For bike insurance, the contact numbers include the following;

  • Sales (0344 776 5748)
  • Customer Service (0344 776 5308)
  • Renewals (0344 776 5315)
  • Claims (0344 840 9505)

There are several other communication channels offered in addition to the many contact numbers available. Customers can contact Go Skippy through email at Talk2us@goskippy.com, through post mail and through the website. The company also has social media presence through which they encourage customer engagement. These contact numbers and communication channels are there to make sure all customers have swift access to both information and help at any time of the day or night. Whether you need to buy insurance covers, make a claim or give feedback, these numbers will link you to the right department. Without a doubt, the use of social media, contact numbers as well as email address will make it easier for customers to get in touch with the company any time.

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